Board and Batten

What You Ought To Know About Board And Batten

Board and batten, commonly known as board and batt, is a siding technique that was mostly used in olden days. However, it is finding its way back to modern architecture With more and more home owners having their homes improved and putting board and batten, it is correct to say that this technique is back to stay.

board and batten

As the name suggests, this siding consists of vertical boards that have horizontal battens covering the spaces on the vertical boards. This type of siding is very common in rural homes and barns all over the country. It is mostly associates with old settings. However, there is no restriction in using it anywhere.

You might be wondering why you should have this type of siding on you new home. For one, carpenters and constructors find is very easy to construct board and batten siding. This is mainly because it is quite simple and they might have a lot of experience on it if they have been on the construction business long enough. This assures you that your siding will be done perfectly.

Furthermore this siding is very durable. With proper maintenance and protection from termites and ants, your siding will last for more than 30 years without needing any replacement. Since the main reason for most home improvements is to increase the lifespan of the house, this siding definitely satisfies our motive.

Your house is among your biggest investments. With this in mind, taking care of its look is very important. You never know when you might need to sell it off. This siding will give your house that timeless and unique look that many desire for their houses. In addition, wooden sidings will raise the value of your house as compared to the other sidings in the market.

Contrary to popular beliefs that wood sidings are costly; there are some that are quite affordable. For instance, the board and batten siding are quite cheap and affordable. They are also found easily in all wood stores. This saves your pocket from the costly expenses incurred when purchasing the other wooden sidings.

Unlike other materials, this type of wooden siding accommodates the natural expanding and contracting of materials. This refers to the other materials that are used during the construction. For instance, the metallic materials will expand when hot, board and batten will effectively accommodate this change without getting damaged.

board and batten

However, you should keep in mind, that this siding requires a lot of care. This means you will be required to apply anti-termite chemicals to protect it. Without this, the siding might only serve you for 10 years on the higher side. No one would like to have their house improved only after ten years, this would be very costly.

When buying anything, you will always get what you pay for. With this in mind do not compromise quality for price. Keep in mind that these vertical boards come in varying widths. The widths of the boards basically determine its price. However, do not try to save by purchasing thinner boards. You need the sidings to last as long as possible. Therefore get the thick boards that wills serve you appropriately.

However, this type of siding also has some disadvantages. For one, the maintenance costs are quite high as compared to the other type of sidings. You will be required to buy chemicals that protect your wood which are added expenses. The wood will also require regular annual inspection to ensure that the siding is in perfect condition.

Apart from the costly maintenance, as mentioned before, the boards and batten can be more expensive than the other siding options. This is generally because of the high cost of wood materials. It can be even worsened if you or your contractors do not know where to get them at fairly cheaper prices. The insurance rate for houses with such siding also tend to be higher as they are more at risk of fire and getting destroyed by termites and ants.

All in all, the board and batten sidings are a great way to improve your homes look. In the long run, you will also be increasing your home’s value. If you desire that unique old fashioned look, this is definitely the siding for your house.